Dynamics 365 - An Introduction

The launch of Dynamics 365 on November 1, 2016 means Microsoft Dynamics CRM will no longer stand alone – it will be part of the Dynamics 365 solution, providing seamless access to features that used to require extra licensing, integration, and configuration.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform was created to streamline business solutions and deliver better value to online cusomters by combining ERP and CRM functionalities, including financials, sales, field operations, marketing, product service automation and customer care.

Just as Office 365 was the release of Microsoft products packaged together with seamless integration and improved productivity at the individual worker level, Dynamics 365 is the equivalent answer at the business level.

As a three time Microsoft Gold Certified partner in Cloud Customer Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Application Development, we’re thrilled to continue to partner with Microsoft to deliver award winning and innovative solutions to our clients with Dynamics 365.

Current Dynamics CRM Online Users

Fall Service Update
To better engage with customers, empower employees, optimize operations, and transform products, services and business, Microsoft announced that Dynamics CRM Online customers will receive (depending on your current licensing agreement):
•    Dynamics 365 for Sales
•    Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
•    Dynamics 365 for Field Service
•    Dynamics 365 for Project Service

The first thing users will notice is a more unified navigation and core user experience, which will better enable end-to-end business processes. It remains clean, beautiful, and familiar and it gives you the ability to seamlessly move from one application to another without switching windows.

Simple, consistent navigation is only the beginning. Dynamics 365 delivers significant new capabilities across all application areas. Specifically for Dynamics CRM Online users:

Dynamics 365 for Sales
•    New social selling capabilities allow people to share knowledge and participate in social conversations, and find and connect with new companies and people. In addition, gamification will expand beyond sales scenarios to help teams across the entire organization collaborate and compete in fun, engaging contests. With highly visible contest results, users are motivated to perform their best for themselves and their teams, leading to increased performance and productivity, and quicker user adoption.
•    New Relationship Insights capability takes rich signals from Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automatically deliver contextual insights that assist you in delivering a more personalized experience to customers. You can also automatically capture related data from Office 365 to track email engagement, provide alerts, and suggest contextual actions to help improve engagement.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
•    Advanced analytics and machine learning scenarios have been added to help agents solve cases faster by surfacing relevant knowledge articles and related cases during an inquiry. Also, text analytics bring insights and discovery to reported issues.
•    Agents can use relevance search and faceting to quickly find related content and filter to the right record. Agents can also edit records directly in a grid while respecting the business rules for the entity.
Dynamics 365 for Field Service
•    Detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely, before customers are affected, through the Connected Field Service.
•    Optimize technician schedules automatically in order to minimize driving distance between appointments, and fit in more appointments each day.
•    Connectivity with IoT (Internet of Things) allows connected devices to receive signals that initiate business processes such as automatically dispatching a technician to do preventative maintenance, or send back commands directly from within the application to reset a sensor, for example.
Dynamics 365 for Project Service
•    Unified resource scheduling and service billing provides organizations a way to leverage scarce resources and skillsets across field and project-based services, and beyond.

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