Live Assist Integration - Our Learnings

Live Assist integration helps Dynamics 365 agents resolve issues more quickly to increase customer satisfaction through immersive chat and co-browse experience.  The Live Assist integrates with the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and enables the Dynamics 365 Portal with the Live Chat capability. As Live Assist will commonly be used in the Call Center environments, we can also integrate Live Assist with Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365, a configurable framework for quickly building applications for call centers.

The goal of this post is to share our learnings from the integration between Live Assist and the Dynamics Platform.


The Dynamics community has written many articles to help us with the configurations required to enable Live Assist with Dynamics 365 & Portals. Refer this article for more details.

Live Chat also offers an ability to screen pop the contact information on the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement whenever the authenticated Dynamics 365 Portals contact uses the Live Assist - refer this article for the detailed steps to enable this feature.

As highlighted above, Live Assist also has a native integration with the Unified Service Desk to enable the call center agents easily engage with their customers. Refer this article to enable Live Assist for USD.

Live Assist is an exciting service, which is very simple to configure and integrate with the Dynamics 365. Live Assist also comes with various categories of reports to help you gauge the user interactions and improve the overall user experience of your products and services.

There are few key points that we came across while integrating Dynamics 365 Portals with Live Assist that we would like to share so that you consider these to avoid any surprises during your integrations.

  1. Dynamics 365 Administration panel has “Live Assist for Dynamics 365 by Cafe X” through which you can configure it for your CRM instance. Practically speaking, if you are in an enterprise development, you will need at least two more instances of Live Assist to configure for your Development, Testing and Production environments. In order to obtain Live Assist service for your other Dynamics 365 instances, you will have to obtain the Live Assist and configure from the AppSource site.
    • Navigate to this appsource link and click on “Free Trial”.
    • Login with your Microsoft account.
    • Choose the instance on which you intend to install the Live Assist and follow the prompts to finish the configuration.
  2. When you implement Live Assist for your customers, you might come across a requirement to configure two Dynamics 365 Portals against a single Dynamics 365 instance. Can Live Assist be configured for this requirement? The answer unfortunately is “No”. For the authenticated chats to work, both the portals have to be configured with different “Live Assist Datasources”, which is not possible with the current service offering.  I have submitted an idea regarding this feature, feel free to vote on this idea and hopefully MS/Live Assist team adds this soon.
  3. Live Assist service is not being offered in the Canada Datacenter at the moment. This means the data storage and the processing could be taking place in the US Datacenter. Therefore, Live Assist may not be the best fit if your clients have concerns over the data sovereignty and wanted to store and process all the data within the Canada Datacenter.

With any software service, there are numerous advantages and a few limitations. As the service evolves, it will cater to almost any scenario you come across from your clients. Live Assist for Dynamics 365 is a brand new undertaking from the Live Assist and Microsoft team and even the early version looks really polished and promising.

We really see the potential of the Live Assist service and highly recommend the service if you do not mind the datacenter restrictions and do not have requirements to provision two Portals for one Dynamics 365 instance.