Save Cost on Logic App Data Retention

Logic apps by default have data retention of 90 days. The cost of Data retention can grow exponentially if not managed properly. Unless needed for business requirements to keep the run history of your logic apps I would suggest the settings of Data retention to 7 days the lowest setting available. As of March 13th 2019 the data retention setting can only be configured from Azure after you have enabled and/or deployed the logic apps.

See below for steps:

  1. Navigate to the logic app you are working with.

  2. Once in the logic app. Navigate to the “Workflow settings”.

  3. Under settings you will find Run History retention.

  4. Switch the setting to “custom” and reduce it to 7 days or whatever meets your business requirements.

  5. Finish by saving your changes.



Note: The setting above need to be reconfigured after every deployment.