What’s New from the Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019

Last week in Atlanta, Georgia, Microsoft hosted the new yearly Business Applications Summit which brings together the Microsoft product teams across Dynamics, PowerApps, Flow, PowerBI and Project Services to delivery to both partners and customers the latest news.  This years event also coincided with the announcement of the release plan for release wave 2 (October 2019) so there was a lot of news out of the event and great content for presenters to deliver at the conference.  KPMG Adoxio was in attendance and thought these were some of the big highlights of the event.

PowerApps Portals

KPMG Adoxio originally being from Adxstudio, portals will always have a special place in our heart and seeing it grow up into a first class app type of the Power Platform is huge news.  PowerApps now fully has an external facing app story with the portal.  For Dynamics 365 users this is no surprise as it is the exact same Dynamics 365 portal re-branded as PowerApps Portals but includes a whole new designer experience that some are calling the PowerApps portal studio.  This brings the portal out of the add-on space and puts it on center stage making it accessible to thousands of PowerApps users and developers.  Dileep Singh, a product manager for PowerApps Portals was in Atlanta to give a session to a jam-packed room where they were turning away attendees to an overflow video stream on the newest advancements in the designer and availability of this new app type.

If there was ever any doubt in the portal technology that is completely erased with this announcement.  The ADX legacy will live on in PowerApps and is a first class app type along side model-driven and canvas apps.  There will be a preview available in July and general availability this October!

Also interesting news ended up on Twitter from Charles Lamanna (@clamanna), the GM for PowerApps hinting at capacity/consumption based licensing for portals.  Huge news that will help allow for the portal to be used in more and more scenarios, and a major benefit to existing Dynamics 365 portal customers.

Business Applications Summit Video - Microsoft PowerApps: Introducing PowerApps portal for external users

PowerApps Blog – Introducing PowerApps Portals: powerful low-code websites for external users

Twitter – Charles Lamanna, comments on consumption pricing for PowerApps Portals

AI Builder

AI continues to be a hot topic with Microsoft across all business units, and the Business Applications team is bring it to the citizen developer with the new AI Builder for the Power Platform.  The AI Builder provides a low-code user experience with the ability to create and customize PowerApps and Flows with some pre-defined capabilities.  With the preview of AI Builder, which is live NOW, you can setup binary classification, text classification, object detection, and form processing with just a couple of clicks in the PowerApps maker portal.  Behind these services is the powerful Azure AI services like cognitive recognition and image analysis but super easy to access and configure within your applications. 

To learn more about the AI Builder you can try it out yourself in PowerApps now, as well as download some sample labs to help you try it out.

PowerApps Blog – Introducing AI Builder for Power Platform

Next Year!

There was a ton more of news and sessions at the conference.  It was a blast and full of great information from the Microsoft team.  We can’t wait till the next one which was also announced to be hosted in Anaheim, California, April 20 – 21 2020!



Watch Business Applications Summit On Demand Sessions:

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