Adoxio Supports Portal Technology Throughout Product Lifecycle

Like many companies, part of our sales strategy is to respond to RFPs, and one of the recurring questions is, “What happens to us if your company/product is bought/sold?”. Adoxio has a great answer to this - we are a case study for how to support clients all the way through the product lifecycle, whether we own it or not.

In 2015, Adoxio (as Adxstudio) sold the Adxstudio Portals technology to Microsoft. Since then, Microsoft released Dynamics 365 Portals under its own branding and continues developing and supporting it as a cloud service.

However, as part of their cloud-first strategy, Microsoft announced in 2017 that they will be deprecating the Adxstudio on-premises portal technology in August 2018, which means it will no longer be supported with maintenance patches, security updates, or feature upgrades. 

Staying on unsupported technology puts organizations and their portal users at risk for usability or security issues. But for organizations who have already invested in a fabulous, feature-rich Adxstudio portal, there is little incentive for them to move to the cloud, especially if they can’t carry those features over. As well, some organizations need to keep their portal on-premise until they are data-ready to move to the cloud.

Microsoft addressed this gap by providing a one-time release of Open Source Portals code. Developers can download it from the Microsoft Download Center and customize it, as required, to continue to deploy feature-rich portals in Dynamics 365 on-premises and online environments.

But for the majority of organizations who do not have their own developers, the product support gap persisted.  Adoxio took the lead. 

Adoxio recognized the on-going gap, and as the experts and originators of the Adxstudio portal technology, stepped in by creating the xRM Portals Community Edition  project on GitHub (based on Microsoft’s Open Source code) to provide support for the broader Dynamics 365 community.

By actively maintaining this code base (with contributions from others in the Dynamics 365 community) Adoxio provides the ongoing support organizations need to safely continue on their own unique upgrade path. Organizations wanting to securely maintain their feature-rich portals until they are ready to upgrade can rely on the xRM Portals Community Edition by Adoxio to carry them through the transition.

Not many companies would go this far to take care of users of an older version of a product that they sold and is no longer maintained. Adoxio stepped up where most would walk away.

How’s that for customer care?