1.1.3 TBD


  • Plugin logic changed to set only the auto-number field during the create/update operation instead of all other fields being re-saved with the same values. This improves performance, reduces the number of fields that are modified when viewing audit history, and reduces the potential for unintended plugins, workflows, and status reason transition validation being triggered upon the auto-number creation.


  • Included a missing plugin step for disabling a plugin step on an entity when an auto-numbered entity record is disabled.

1.1.0 December 1, 2017


  • Distribution for Dynamics 365 Online through AppSource.


  • Changes to lookup windows for AppSource certification.


  • Plugin execution restricted to post-operation pipeline stage of execution to ensure consistency in auto-number generation and saving.

1.0.0 May 1, 2017

  • Initial release.

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