Azure AD Application

Register an Azure Active Directory Application in the Azure Portal

This section covers the creation of an application registration in Azure Active Directory to facilitate Connect 365 being able to authenticate with Dynamics 365.

An application registration is similar in nature to an Active Directory user. Similar to how an Active Directory user represents a person, the application registration will represent the service account that the Connect 365 web application uses in a non-interactive manner to authenticate to services such as Dynamics 365 which support Azure AD.
It is generally recommended to create a new application registration for every Connect 365 deployment. A single application registration can be used across multiple deployments if desired, but generally not recommended to ensure each installation is configured and operates independently.

For the following procedure, a user with Azure Active Directory Administrator rights will be required.

  1. Navigate to and sign in with a user with Azure AD Administrator rights.
  2. Browse to Azure Active Directory using the navigation side bar.

  3. Within your Azure Active Directory settings select App Registrations under Manage.

  4. Select New application registration from the top bar.

    1. Complete the Create application form. Use a name such as Connect 365. Set the Application Type set to Web app / API and the Sign-on URL set to your Connect 365 instance URL suffixed by “/*”, then click Create.


      Setting Value
      Name e.g. Connect 365
      Application Type Web app / API
      Sign-on URL e.g.*


  5. Once the Application is created, locate it in the App registration listing and select it. From the settings for the app registration, select Required permissions.

  6. Select Add in the new panel for Required permissions.

  7. Select 1 Select an API and select Dynamics CRM Online (Microsoft.CRM).

  8. Select 2 Select permissions and check off the Access CRM Online as organization users. Then select Done.
  9. Once completed select Done.

  10. Navigate back to the App registration settings and select Keys.

  11. Complete a new entity in the keys adding a Description and Duration for the key. For development/trial purposes, Never Expire can be used.

  12. On Save the key value will be populated. Copy the key value and save it elsewhere as keys are only shown once.

    Record the key value for future reference:


    Azure AD Application Key Value ____________________________________________
  13. Record the Azure AD Application’s Application ID for future reference.

    Azure AD Application ID ____________________________________________
  14. Record the Azure AD Tenant’s Directory ID for future reference.

    Azure AD Directory ID ____________________________________________

Send Azure AD Application Information to Adoxio

Please send Adoxio the following information. It will be used to configure the Connect 365 web application to authenticate to Dynamics 365. In a future version this information will instead be entered into a configuration interface.

  • Azure AD Directory ID
    • This value was recorded previously in this document
  • Azure AD Application ID
    • This value was recorded previously in this document
  • Azure AD Application Key Value
    • This value was recorded previously in this document
  • Dynamics 365 Instance URL
    • The URL will be in the format https://[name].crm[optional number]