Dynamics 365 Application User

Solution Import

Import the following solutions:

  1. AdoxioConnect365Base_<version>_managed.zip
  2. AdoxioConnect365Identity_<version>_managed.zip

User Creation

Open the users list in Settings > Security > Users.

Switch to the Application Users view

Click New

Ensure the Application User form is selected

Fill in the form fields:

Field Value Notes
Application ID Azure AD Application ID This value was recorded during the Azure AD Application creation
Full Name

First Name: Connect 365

Last Name: Application

Primary Email any value  

The Application ID URI, and Azure AD Object ID are all filled in automatically after saving.

Role Assignment

Assign the newly created CRM user to the following security roles:

  1. Connect 365 Application
  2. Connect 365 Application - Identity

Field Security Profile Assignment

Assign the newly created CRM User to the following field security profile:

  1. Local Identity Credentials

This can be performed using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Security
  2. Open Field Security Profiles
  3. Open the profile named Local Identity Credentials
  4. Click on Users in the left pane
  5. Click the Add icon in the view's toolbar
  6. Select the Connect 365 Application user that has been created previously, and click Add

When complete, the Connect 365 Application user should be listed in the users list of the field security profile.