Installation and Setup for Moneris

This page will provide step-by-step instructions for getting started with Moneris for Connect 365.

Moneris is available for use in North America. Contact us if you need payment processing in other regions.


IMPORTANT: Before beginning setup of Moneris for Connect 365, please ensure that the following setup steps have been completed:

Dynamics 365 Solutions Import

Import the following solutions into Dynamics 365:


Security Role Assignment

Add the Connect 365 Application User to the following security roles:

  1. Connect 365 Application - Payment

Connect 365 Settings

In the Dynamics 365 web client, navigate to Connect 365 > Payment > Moneris Settings.

Create new setting records with the following values:

Feature Name Type Value
Moneris Hosted Page URL Single Line of Text

The URL of the hosted page where the invoice data is posted to. URLs are documented at


  • - Development
  • - Production


  • - Development
  • - Production
Moneris Pay Page Key Single Line of Text The hpp_key value shown in the Moneris store.
Moneris Pay Page Store ID Single Line of Text Use the pp_store_id value shown in the Moneris store.

Dynamics 365 Portal Web Templates

In the Dynamics 365 web client, navigate to Portals > Content > Web Templates, and create the following web templates.

Name Website Source
Connect 365 - Widget Choose the appropriate website Download as text
Connect 365 - Payment Choose the appropriate website Download as text

Dynamics 365 Portal Site Settings

If they do not already exist, create the following site settings:

Name Value Notes

Enter your provided domain.


This site setting may already exist as it is used to load all Connect 365 widgets.

It is referred to by the previously created web templates to generate HTML script elements referring to your Connect 365 instance.

Web Template Usage

  1. On a web page, create and assign an entity form for the invoice entity in Read Only mode, with the invoice ID present as the id query string parameter.
    This functionality will not work in a modal entity form opened from a sub-grid, please ensure it is used on an entity form viewed from a web page.
  2. Use one of the following Liquid code fragments.
Field Type Liquid Code
JavaScript (e.g. Custom JavaScript field of an entity form
{% include 'Connect 365 - Payment' type: 'script', provider: 'moneris', selector: 'div.actions' %}
HTML (e.g. Copy field of a web page)
{% include 'Connect 365 - Payment' provider: 'moneris', selector: 'div.actions' %}

When viewing the entity form, a Pay Invoice button will be displayed at the bottom of the form. Following payment, the user is redirected back to the same web page and a success or failure message will be displayed at the top of the form.