Moneris Paypage Configuration

This page describes how to setup a payment page for development/test environments with Moneris.

Contact Moneris for registration and go-live procedures for production environments.

Create a store

Navigate to the merchant resource center at

  1. Sign in using the test store using the credentials shown on the right side of the login form.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Hosted Paypage Config.

  3. Generate a New Configuration

  4. Record the displayed pp_store_id and hpp_key values for future reference.

    ps_store_i L5JL5tore3  
    hpp_key hpFSTEH5CKYM

Configure the store

  1. Set the Transaction Type to Purchase.

  2. Store 3 allows for credit card and interact online purchases. Select Credit Cards.

  3. Click Save Changes
  4. Select the Response Method: Post.

  5. Set the Approved URL and Declined URLs to the following paths relative to the assigned Connect 365 URL.
    Approved URL /api/moneris/payment/approved
    Declined URL /api/moneris/payment/declined

  6. Save the changes

  7. Choose Enhanced Cancel and Response Fallback, click Save Changes

  8. Click the Configure Security button.

  9. Select the Enabled Transaction Verification checkbox. This will allow for the querying of the Moneris server to correlate the paid transaction to verify the paid amount matches what was invoiced.

  10. Click the Save Verification Settings button.