Upgrade Guide: 1.2 to 1.3

Dynamics 365 Solutions

The following solutions have been updated and need to be installed to obtain required changes. During import, select the stage for upgrade and overwrite customizations options to ensure all changes are imported.

  • AdoxioConnect365Base_<version>_managed.zip
  • AdoxioConnect365Identity_<version>_managed.zip
  • AdoxioConnect365Payment_<version>_managed.zip
  • AdoxioConnect365PowerBI_<version>_managed.zip
  • AdoxioConnect365SharePoint_<version>_managed.zip

Web Templates

Create or update the following Web Template records with the provided source code.

Name Source Applicable Feature New or Updated
Connect 365 - Authentication Download as text Required for all features New
Connect 365 - Widget Download as text Required for all features Updated
Connect 365 - SharePoint Content Download as text Required for SharePoint Updated

Configuration Updates

Azure AD B2C Tenant Connect 365 Reply URL

The Reply URL used for Connect 365 authentication has changed.

Version 1.2

  • The Reply URL referred to the static file /img/star.gif located in the Dynamics 365 Portal, e.g. https://contoso.microsoftcrmportals.com/img/star.gif.

Version 1.3

  • The Reply URL now refers to a custom web page in the Dynamics 365 Portal with the URL /b2c-silent-signin/ which references a new Connect 365 - Authentication Web Template, e.g. https://contoso.microsoftcrmportals.com/b2c-silent-signin/.

Please review the Azure AD B2C Deployment Procedures documentation for the full details. The key changes to note are:

  1. The Reply URL Connect 365 authentication changes in Azure AD B2C Tenant Configuration from /img/star.gif to /b2c-silent-signin/.
  2. A new /b2c-silent-signin/ Web Page needs to be created in the Portal to reflect the new reply URL. Set the Copy (HTML) field to Template "Connect 365 - Authentication" not found..
  3. A new Connect 365 - Authentication Web Template needs to be created for use in the new Web Page. This template should already have been created in a previous step of this guide.
  4. The Connect 365 Azure AD B2C Settings record named Application Reply URL need to be updated to refer to the /b2c-silent-signin/ URL.

Application User Field Security Profile Assignment

Additional filtering is being performed during authorization to ensure that only those contacts that have their Login Enabled field set to true are allowed to interact with functionality that requires an authenticated session. This field is security by field level security, and to access it requires assignment of the application user to the Local Identity Credentialsfield security profile.

  1. Perform the instructions described in Field Security Profile Assignment to assign the Dynamics 365 service account user to the Local Identity Credentialsfield security profile.