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Velocity 365 is built with Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the core, and leverages the rich customer relationship management system and automated workflows to connect customers. Velocity 365 comes with a number of configurable service request types that empower citizens to contact any department in the organization from one central hub. And call center integration provides employees with the 360 degree view of the customer with all past interactions available at their fingertips. This environment means that citizens only have to tell their story once, with data shared and searchable in one secure location for all employees.

  • Track and report on citizen issues with ease.
  • Duplicate detection prevents multiple responses to the same issue thereby increasing departmental efficiency.
  • Automatically route service requests so the right department can easily and quickly handle them.
  • Enable cities to quickly and easily post content and gather feedback directly from citizens.
  • Empower citizens with a platform to interact and engage with their city and each other.
  • Collect valuable insights from citizens to maximize citizen engagement.
  • Reduce administrative burdens with a self-service portal.

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