Register as a Portal User

Register using a Local Account

  1. Navigate to the portal and select Sign In.
  2. Choose the Register tab, enter the required information, and click Register.

Register using an External Account

1. Navigate to the portal and select Sign In.

2. Choose the Register tab and click on the appropriate button under Register using an external account.

3. You will automatically be taken to the appropriate sign in service (e.g. Facebook, Google, Azure AD) where you can choose to use your existing credentials or create new ones.

4. And then you can proceed to log in.

Forgotten Password

  1. If you have forgotten your password, you can click Forgot Password on the Sign In page.
  2. An email will be sent to the email address entered with further instructions on how to reset your password.


Updating Your Profile

If you need to update your address or contact details, you can edit your contact information on the profile page provided in the portal.

  1. Once you are logged into the portal, select Profile from the dropdown list next to your name in the upper right of the home screen.
  1. In the Profile, you can choose to update a variety of information including personal details and your Subscription preferences.
    Your subscription preferences are used to identify the preferred method the municipality will use to contact you.
  1. Modify the appropriate fields and click Update.

Managing Communication Preferences

In accordance with Anti-Spam Legislation, VeloCITY provides Citizens the ability to manage their communication preferences. By default, these are all set to “off” and when you register, you will need to identify the preferred method of contact. In order to subscribe to a service request and receive notifications about the status of that specific request, you must select “Email” as the method of contact since all
subscription notifications are sent electronically via email.  

My Service Requests

As an authenticated users (Citizen who is logged in), you can view your request history.

  1. In the top right, click on your name, and select My Service Requests.
  2. By default, the first page will display all of your active service requests.
  3. If you would like to see all of your requests, click on the little drop down arrow to view Inactive Service Requests or All Service Requests.

My Subscriptions

As an authenticated users (Citizen who is logged in), you can view a list of all Service Request updates that you are receiving. This could be requests that you have submitted yourself, or you can choose to subscribe to an existing request that was submitted by someone else.  

Note: Prior to subscribing to requests, you must ensure your Communication Preferences allow us to send you email. Refer to Managing Communication Preferences for further instruction on how to make that change.

  1. In the top right, click on your name, and select My Subscriptions.
  2. By default, the first page will display all of the Active Service Requests for which you receive updates.
  1. If you would like to see Inactive Service Subscribed Requests, or all subscriptions, click on the little drop down arrow.

Knowledge Base

Searching using a Keyword

The VeloCITY Citizen Engagement Portal is keyword search enabled.

  1. On the Homepage, you can click on the magnify glass and enter a keyword in the search field.
  1. Your search results will load on a new page.

Searching using a 311 Tag

If you are unable to find your desired results using a keyword search, you can browse by 311 tag.

  1. On the Homepage, click on 311 Tags and navigate to the Tag Search page.
  2. Click on the relevant tag category, and results will display below.


Alerts contain information that is relevant to you, the Citizen. As you navigate through the portal, there are a few different ways that Alerts might appear.

  1. If is a city-wide Alert, it will display on the homepage:
  2. Or, if it is an alert that is related to a specific request type, it may only be visible when searching or navigating to the specific request’s submission page:

Submitting a New Service Request

  1. Select Submit a New Service Request, and on the following page, you can choose the request type. Depending on the type of request, there may be critical information for you to review before clicking on the Create Request button to proceed.
  2. Once you are on the Issue Location page, you have several options to identify the location of the request.

Identify location using a Point on the Map

Identify Location by Entering the Address

Identify Location by selecting an Intersection on the Map

Once you identify the location of the issue, you click Next at the bottom of the page.

On the following page, you enter the request-specific details.

Please Note: Details may vary depending on the Service Request type.>

Once the relevant details have been entered, Citizen will click next, and if they are logged in their information will be pre-populated. If they are submitting the request anonymously, they will have to enter in their contact information.

To receive notifications on the status of the service request you are submitting, be sure to check the box “Receive Status Updates” as shown above. 

Note: Your preferences in your profile must be set to accept email notifications in order to receive status updates.

Duplicate service requests

If you attempt to create a service request that has been previously submitted, you will receive a message indicating your submission may be a duplicate based on the location and type of the request.

If you receive notification of a potential duplicate, please review the details of the request and then you can decide whether or not you want to proceed with the request. 

If you elect to proceed with the request, you can then select My Request Differs from the ones above. Continue with creating my request.

Updating a Service Request

Find Existing Service Requests

To view a map of all the service requests that have been submitted, you can use the various criteria on the Service Request Map to filter your selection

From the homepage, navigate to the Service Request map from the toolbar at the top.

  1. In the Filter Options, choose your parameters, and click search.

    Reference #: If you know the exact reference number for the request type it in this window to view it on the map.

    Type: If you know the type of request you’re looking for (e.g. Graffiti), you can narrow your results.

    Date (From): This field will default to today’s date. Click on the calendar icon to enter in an earlier date.

    Date (To): Once you have selected an earlier From date, you can narrow your results even further.

    Status: If you’re not sure if your request has already been resolved, you can also look through inactive requests instead.

  2. Or from the homepage, enter the request number under Track Your Service Request.

Review Details of Existing Service Requests

  1. In the Service Request Map, you can click on the request to view a callout. After scrolling through the callout, a View Details button will appear.
  2. On the request details page, you can view the details of the request. If you are logged in, you can subscribe to updates by clicking on the Subscribe button in order to receive status updates.

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