Searching for an Existing Contact

To search for an existing contact, you can enter information that is available into any of the search fields (first name, last name, email or phone) and click on the Searchbutton to execute your search.  Example: If you search on first name of “Tom”, all contact records with that first name are displayed and you can select the correct record.

You can also search for a contact by street address by entering the address in the Address Search field and any contacts (or cases) associated with that address are returned as shown.

Adding/Updating Notes to an Existing Contact

To add notes to an existing contact, once the contact is open on the Contact Details page you can add notes by entering the notes in the “Notes” section and clicking on the 'save' button. The screen will update showing the user who entered/updated the notes and the time of creation and updating. This is the only area of the contact that can be updated directly from the Contact Details screen and the remaining details can be updated directly in Dynamics by editing the contact record as shown below.

Editing an Existing Contact

Detailed training on editing contact records is part of the Dynamics 365 for Customer Service training and not covered in this guide.

Once a contact has been selected, the following Contact Details screen is displayed.

To edit the contact record, click on the Open/Edit CRM Contact Record button and the specific details for that contact are displayed.

This contact summary record shows all the contact information as well as any posts, activities or notes related to the contact.  It also shows the recent cases created either by the contact themselves on the portal, or on behalf of the contact when they called your office.

This provides a summary view of the most relevant information for the contact allowing you to quickly assist the citizen if they are calling about a previous inquiry or related service request.

Creating a New Contact

If after searching for the contact as described above, there is no existing contact in the system, you will need to create a new contact.  To create a new contact you enter the contact information in the contact details and click on Add New Contact.

Once you have created the contact, the Contact Details screen is shown. 

From here you can open the contact record in Dynamics 365 to add more details related to the contact.  To do this, you click on Open/Edit CRM Contact Record and the contact record is displayed.  This record shows who created the contact as well as any posts, activities or notes associated with the contact.  Any recent cases associated with the contact are also displayed as well as other details such as personal information, marketing information as well as contact preferences.  The detailed training on editing contact records is part of the Dynamics 365 for Customer Service training and not covered in this guide.