The map displays the service requests that have already been submitted. When a request is submitted, it is saved within VeloCITY as a case record. The settings for the map are to display

  • Case records whose Interaction Type is flagged with public visibility
  • Active Cases created within last 7 days

To change the ESRI Map Settings for the Portal Service Request Map,

  1. Navigate to Connect 365 -> ESRI Servers.
  2. The ESRI Servers form displays.
  3. Click Email A Link.
  4. A new email with the link to the Sample Service Requests Map Settings displays.
  5. Copy the portion of the link shown in bold and underlined.

  1. Navigate to Portals -> Site Settings -> Velocity365/ServiceRequestMap/EsriMapId.
  2. Locate the Value field and paste the copied portion of the link. Save