The Citizen Engagement Portal allows citizens to self-serve both the receiving and the reporting of information. The details of both the push and pull is highly configurable. The configuration of the portal provides the opportunity to decide how, when, and what the citizens will experience when they visit.

  • The how is developed through authentication, and deciding the scope and depth of information available to citizens prior to your knowing who they are. The technical aspects are:
    • Authentication
    • Web Roles
  • The when is deciding the circumstances that will encourage citizens to visit as well as when information that will be provided. The technical aspects are
    • Service Request Navigation
    • Content Management
  • The what is the content (both text and visual) within the portal. The technical aspects are:
    • Branding and Theming
    • Web Templates
    • Portal Content


In this section

Portal Authentication

The portal can be setup to be either anonymous or to require authentication.

Branding and Theming

The Portal is built using the Bootstrap front-end framework and as a result you can quickly and easily brand the Portal for your organization.

Portal Content

The content within the VeloCITY portal is completely customizable by anyone with Administrator-level permissions.