Find Existing Service Requests

To view a map of all the service requests that have been submitted, you can use the various criteria on the Service Request Map to filter your selection

From the homepage, navigate to the Service Request map from the toolbar at the top.

  1. In the Filter Options, choose your parameters, and click search.

    Reference #: If you know the exact reference number for the request type it in this window to view it on the map.
    You enter the number without the dashes – Example: CAS00439D1R1Y8 instead of CAS-00439-D1R1Y8.
    You can also use the * wildcard before and after a portion of the service request number – Example *00439* which will also return the service request.

    Type: If you know the type of request you’re looking for (e.g. Graffiti), you can narrow your results.

    Date (From): This field will default to today’s date. Click on the calendar icon to enter in an earlier date.

    Date (To): Once you have selected an earlier From date, you can narrow your results even further.

    Status: If you’re not sure if your request has already been resolved, you can also look through inactive requests.

  2. Or from the homepage, enter the request number under Track Your Service Request.

Review Details of Existing Service Requests

  1. In the Service Request Map, you can click on the request to view a callout. After scrolling through the callout, a View Details button will appear.
  2. On the request details page, you can view the details of the request. If you are logged in, you can subscribe to updates by clicking on the Subscribe button in order to receive status updates.