How to Search for an Alert

Alerts are like notifications that can be made available either internally or publicly.  Internal alerts are viewable by staff while public alerts are available on the portal and viewable by everyone.  Alerts can be associated with an address and are typically searched by subject content. To view an alert, enter the subject in the Keyword Search and press Enter, or select a tag from the dropdown.

By clicking on the specific alert, the details are then shown in the Agent Console window.  You can also filter the results to only show active alerts if desired by checking the box. 

All active alerts are also shown in the center pane of the Agent Console home screen and you can get more detailed information on any one alert by clicking on the ….more at the end of the alert message.  You can also scroll through all active alerts with the arrows on the right and left hand side of the alert messages.

Creating an Alert from the Agent Console

To create a new Alert directly from the Agent Console, click on the “Create New Alert” button. From here, the standard Dynamics functionality of creating alerts is the same as if you were creating the alert directly from Dynamics.  This button is designed to facilitate quicker access to creating alerts for agents.