Entity layer field mapping can be only added for the ArcGIS Server source layer. 

  1. Use the Application Selector to navigate to Velocity 365 - ADMIN -> ArcGIS -> ESRI Map Layers
  2. Enter the name and title of the layer
  3. Select Feature Layer from the Layer Type dropdown
  4. Identify the Data Source
  5. Enable Feature Selection – this MUST be set to YES
  6. Enable Layer Search – this MUST be set to YES
  7. Enable Layer Field Mapping – this MUST be set to YES

Since we need to capture the layer details for both Service Requests and Case Records, you will set up ONE mapping record and when the fields are created in the Case and the SR Entity, it is critical they have the exact same schema name.

Field Name


Esri Map Layer

Layer with which currently record is associated

Entity Logical Name

Lookup to select Entity

Entity Attribute

Lookup to select attribute from the entity selected in Entity logical Name.

Esri Layer Field Name

Field Name from the actual Feature Layer that we need to capture.

In order to set up these fields and the Entity Layer Field Mapping, you need to follow the following steps. 

  1. Identify layers and interaction types that need to be configured.
  2. Identify the fields for each layer that need to be configured.
  3. Create fields in both the Interaction Type Entity and the Case Entity
  4. Update the Agent, Manager and Webforms
  5. Create Layer field mapping for each layer.
  6. Modify the Out of the Box workflow to sync these fields.