ESRI Settings are the top level of configuration and act as a container for all map-related settings. The purpose of the settings is to provide a naming so you can refer to the underlying components by an identifier. While ESRI Settings are the top level for configuration, you must setup the ESRI Server first.

To Setup the ESRI settings,

  1. Use the Application Selector to Navigate to Velocity 365 - ADMIN -> ArcGIS -> ESRI Settings. The ESRI Settings form displays.
  2. Click New. The New ESRI form displays.
  3. Enter the name of the ESRI setting.

Note - The name of the setting is used only for administrator reference and so it is safe to change.

  1. Select the appropriate server from the Server lookup field

Note - If the Server lookup is empty, you need to setup the ESRI Server.

  1. Select the appropriate map from the Map field