The Agent Console contains a map configured to display each service request by Interaction Type. The Agent Console Map Settings are controlled through the ESRI Map Settings.

In order to have the map for the Agent Console you MUST have a Map Setting specifically called “Agent Console.”
Velocity has this Map Setting already created out of the box. Listed below are the settings that are configurable for the Agent Console Map. All other settings will have no effect on the map and should not be changed.

To change these settings,

Use the Application Selector to Navigate to Velocity 365 - ADMIN -> ArcGIS ->ESRI MAPS  then click on the Agent Console Map Settings

Map Features

  • Enable Zoom
  • Zoom Position
  • Enable Home Widget
  • Home Position

Map View Configuration

  • Basemap Color
  • Center Longitude and Latitude
  • Initial Zoom
  • Minimum Zoom
  • Maximum Zoom

Default Graphic Settings

  • Push Pin Settings
  • Pushpin Marker Style (default is circle)
  • Pushpin Marker Color (Enter the appropriate hex code for the color you want)
  • Pushpin marker size (Pixels)
  • Polygon Settings
  • Polygon Symbol Style
  • Polygon Symbol Color
  • Polygon Outline Style
  • Polygon Outline Color
  • Polygon Outline Width (Pixels)

The following list of features are intentionally unsupported on the Agent Console Map and should NOT be changed:

  • Locate Widget
  • Sketch Tools (Intersections, Pins, and Polygons)
  • Search Widget
  • Address Validation
  • Map Boundary
  • Enable as Boundary Layer Validation (The boundary will appear, but no validation will happen)
  • Feature Layer Field Mappings.