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Deployment, Promotions and Hot Fixes

The process for deploying, promoting and applying hot fixes to VeloCITY 365 follows a well-documented path from Development to Production.

Interaction Type (SR) Administration

Interaction Type records hold all the configuration and metadata needed for the creation of a Service Request Intake form.

Setting up Notifications and Email

Notifications and Emails are based on Dynamics 365 workflows and the VeloCITY 365 Mailer queue. Workflows can be configured to your needs, i.e., service request submissions, service request status changes or service request merges

Setting up Routing and SLAs

Routing is planning which person or team will own the resolution of a specific Interaction Type and the amount of time within which a response and resolution is expected.

Managing Work Order Administration and Automation

VeloCITY uses the workflows included with Dynamics 365 and are a powerful tool that allows for simple, or complex automation of tasks such as work order automation.

Managing Translations

Providing VeloCITY 365 in the appropriate language for your area is important. Velocity 365 is multi-lingual for both VeloCITY and Portal users.

Setting up CRM Security

Authenticated portal users are associated with a CRM Contact and must have the appropriate security role assigned.