If when setting up a specific Interaction Type, you enabled “file upload” and you identified SharePoint as the “file upload location” (Both these settings are in the Admin section when setting up an Interaction Type) , then there is additional configuration required. This section describes how to complete that additional configuration.

Reconfigure the Velocity Flow “ABS – Move Note Attachment to SharePoint…” to work with your environment. By default, and if not already done, this flow needs its connection initialized before enabling it. (You need to be an admin for the CRM instance you are configuring) 

  1. Use the Application Launcher to Navigate to PowerApps, then confirm your environment and select Solutions from the Navigator menu. 
  2. Open the Adoxio Interaction Flows solution.  Microsoft Flow opens and select the ABS - Move Note Attachment to SharePoint flow.
  3. Ensure the flow is not enabled and then Click on Edit
  4. For each block in the flow that has an exclamation mark on it (suggesting a bad connection) fix that block by adding a new valid connection.
  5. Enable the Flow. 

If you selected SharePoint as your target location, you need to follow the following steps to enable SharePoint.

  1. Configuring the SharePoint Side:
    1. Create a site on SharePoint and note the site address.
    2. Assign users as owners or contributors to the site as needed.
  2. Configuring CRM Side:
    1. Go to Settings -> Document Management
    2. Click on Enable Server-Side SharePoint Integration if not already enabled.
    3. Use the site you got from step (1).
    4. Open Document Management Settings.
    5. Enable Case for Document Management if not already enabled.
  3. Configuring the Portal Side: 
    1. Open the portal admin center (as global admin).
    2. Enable SharePoint integration as shown in the images below: