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This information alert is to advise of the pending upgrade from Microsoft that will affect your Velocity 365 application.  Microsoft has advised all customers must upgrade their Microsoft Dynamics 365 application to Version 9 no later than January 31, 2019.  As a result of this upgrade, we are finalizing a supplementary release for Velocity 365 (Version 2.1) which is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Version 9.0) and you will be required to install this as part of your installation of the updated version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE.


Action Required:

WHO: City Project Managers should contact their VeloCITY 365 Project Manager directly to arrange the upgrade of both Microsoft Dynamics 365 version 9.0 and Velocity 365 Version 2.0.1.
WHAT: Required upgrade of Velocity 365 to Version 2.0.1 to maintain compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics Version 9.
WHEN: There are two (2) upgrade windows available for you to upgrade your Velocity application.  The upgrade windows are between November 15th and December 15th 2018 and also between January 7th and January 18th, 2019.
WHERE: This upgrade will be applied initially to your TEST environment and once you have completed your testing, it will be applied to your PRODUCTION environment.
WHY: If you do not apply this upgrade during the upgrade windows, you risk maintaining compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics 365.


NOTE: Failure to install this upgrade may have a detrimental affect on your business operations.  KPMG is not responsible for any related product issues you experience as a result of failing to comply with this mandatory upgrade.




If you have any questions regarding this Information Alert, please reach out to your Project Manager.