v 2.3 - 06/11/2019

VeloCITY 365 Version 2.3 Highlights

This version of VeloCITY has been developed to utilize the Microsoft Unified Interface which has been designed to improve the navigation of the overall Dynamics platform.  This release was designed specifically to address the updated interface and only contains one bug fix as identified below. 

These release notes are meant to serve as a high-level overview of the contents of this Product Release.  For additional information and more detailed descriptions, please refer to the updated End User Guide, Technical and Administrative Guide, and Citizen Engagement Portal End User Guide.


Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes are included in Version 2.3

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Interaction Type creation and/or updating fails randomly when the system contains a large number of Interaction Types. 



The following Enhancements are included in Version 2.3


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Update site map to facilitate the Unified Interface including 2 major site maps – Agent Console, and Admin which are both available based on user security roles.