• Challenges with Dynamics 365 Operations (Dynamics AX) OData Calls

    While working with an Azure Logic Applications for a batch job process I ran into an issue that I could not find online support for. Through a Microsoft support case I received a swift response that I was surprised I could not find online.

    The project dealt with synchronizing Dynamics 365 CRM/CE data to Dynamics 365 Operations (formerly known as Dynamics AX).  Adoxio often uses Azure Logic Apps for integration scenarios and with its array of connectors as well as the raw HTTP connector as a power tool to quickly build out integrations in a modern server less environment. 

    In order to setup the integration with Dynamics 365 Operations, the HTTP connector was chosen to provide robust configuration over the built-in Dynamics 365 Operations connector.  As such it required examples of making a query on a single record in Dynamics 365 Operations, OData Feed.  In this case, this was needed in order to issue a DELETE HTTP request to the Dynamics 365 Operations site in multiple actions in the Azure Logic Applications.