Ever tinkered with something you wished you hadn’t? Ever wished for an ‘Undo Customizations’ button in Dynamics 365?

    There isn’t one… yet. But until there is, here’s how you can remove unmanaged customizations from a managed component (including a native system component).

  • Isolate Your Configuration Data Before Import Using PowerShell

    Some applications for Dynamics 365, such as Field Service, Portals, and Unified Service Desk store their configuration data as records in Dynamics 365 – alongside your business data.

    Microsoft’s Configuration Migration tool allows you to easily move configuration data between Dynamics 365 environments. One limitation of the export function, though, is the inability to separate configuration records from business records of the same type.

  • “Under Maintenance” pages for Dynamics 365 portals

    It’s common that a single feature update in your portal means modification to multiple components – which can’t be deployed one at a time. Even after proper rehearsal – deploying these changes to a live production environment can be risky business. Any mistakes or delays in your deployment are immediately visible to users.

    In these cases it may be decided that the best course of action is to take your portal down and replace it temporarily with a maintenance notice page – informing your users that updates are in progress and the portal will be back up momentarily.

    This approach may not be suitable for all situations. Please refer to the Further Consideration section for more details.

    An official “maintenance mode” feature is planned for the April 2019 release of Portals. This feature offers the benefits described in this blog post – and also addresses the concerns described below regarding search engine optimization. This blog post offers an interim solution.