• Monaco Editor Enhancement

    In December of 2017, I wrote an article about a script that could be used to enhance the Dynamics 365 web templates’ ACE editor by increasing its coding area and providing the capability to customize its color theme. Dynamics 365 now has a new liquid editor that comes with portals v9 solutions as explained in this article by Colin Vermander. The new editor is the Microsoft Monaco Editor, which is the editor used in Visual Studio code.

  • Dynamics 365 portal ACE Editor Enhancements

    Web templates are extensively used to render web pages for Dynamics 365 Portals. They make use of an ACE editor that allows users to write the necessary code to display data using Liquid and to control the appearance and behavior of html elements with CSS and JavaScript.

    The ACE editor used by web templates does the job, but for a tool that is being used as frequently, it could use some modifications to provide a better user experience.

    The Enhancements made to the ACE editor that we describe in this article try to improve its user interface with two main goals in mind: 1.Increase the area used for writing code and 2.provide a customizable and personalized color scheme.

  • Mail Merge Templates vs. Word Document Templates

    With Dynamics CRM 2016, Microsoft took Document Automation to a new level with the introduction of Document templates which greatly simplifies the document generation process. There are two types of document templates that can now be created, Excel Document Templates and Word Document Templates.

    Our focus for this blog would be to compare the Word Document Template and Mail Merge Template and highlight some of the differences.