• Dynamics CRM – Attachment Size Limit Increase

    With the latest update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1 (now Dynamics 365) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Service Pack 1 (on-premises), Microsoft has increased the maximum allowed attachment size in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online from its long standing limit of 32 MB to 128 MB (131,072 KB).

    This limit increase may come as fantastic news for businesses who require the ability to store large attachments from time to time. This new limit will ensure – in most cases – that larger email attachments coming from your customers will be successfully received, and your business processes aren’t hindered when needing to attach any exceptionally large documents to your opportunities, cases, and service requests.

    If you are using CRM portals, this limit increase becomes especially beneficial as customers seeking the convenience of online requests may (occasionally) need to submit a large document that can’t be easily trimmed or broken down into smaller files.

  • Dynamics CRM Portal Errors And Tracing

    I received this very generic looking message (below) when trying to run a Dynamics CRM portal. After a little experimenting I found the problem to be that my credentials pointed to a user that had not yet been added to the target CRM organization (but did exist in Active Directory).

    Yet another reminder to check the basics when faced with strange errors.

    The interesting thing here is that the error message I received might lead you to believe that tracing needs to be enabled for your portal (in order to gather more error details). However, this error is actually being delivered from the Dynamics CRM server, and is not reflective of the tracing settings for your portal.

    If you are operating Dynamics CRM on premise, and would like it to include these additional exceptional details with its faults (so you can possibly see the reason behind the fault), instructions on how to do so can be found here.

    Here’s my original error message: